Interdimensional Emporium of Fantastic Footwear: Tehm, the Stone in the Shoe – a shoe for Freeya/D&D

Fantastische Schuhe
Day 10: Freeya/D&D

Tehm, the Stone in the Shoe
Tehm is a minor circle deity of Valan. Tehm was a stone that wound up in Valan’s shoe and which the Eternal Wanderer then picked out. Though unwantedly, Tehm did accompany Valan on part of his divine journey, and so a tiny spark of Valan’s divinity jumped over onto Tehm. Old boots are placed at some road shrines of Valan, acting as Tehm’s altars. To demonstrate their humility before the divine Stone in the Shoe and in hopes of not being plagued too much by him, travellers following the circle put small stones or items of value such as broken coins or tiny semiprecious stones in the boots. Golog is fond of Tehm, as he can cause wounds, inflammation and infection of the feet when he is angry.

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