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Iatrogenic Genetic Disorders

Iatrogenic genetic disorders, i.e., genetic disorders caused by the actions of healthcare professionals, are an unfortunate side effect of the rise of genetic biomodification. However, rumours and conspiracy theories sometimes attribute various intelligence agencies, criminal syndicates and terrorist organisations with the deliberate induction of such disorders in select targets, to say nothing of the ever popular horror stories of lone madmen.

The question is not whether this would be possible. It is, as the same technologies which are used to eliminate genetic defects and enhace and transform metabolism can also be used to introduce such defects and impair functions, more easily in fact with natural occuring disorders as templates.

The question is rather why someone should go to the lengths. After all, there are both simpler and more graphic ways to hurt or cripple, incapacitate, kill, or just threaten helpless targets than to subject them to harmful biomodification.

Still, the rumours persist.

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