Huldra – science-gone-too-far in CthulhuTech

Science-gone-too-far in CthulhuTech (although a point could be made that CthulhuTech itself is the very essence of science gone too far):


The Aeon War seemingly unleashes new horrors upon humanity every day. Whether the Huldra is such a new horror, though, or whether it is older – far, far older perhaps – is a question that will probably never be answered owing to the Huldra’s very nature.

The Huldra is a product of the Migous’ advanced genetic and bioengineering abilities. In simple terms, it is a living human body which has been hollowed out to such an extent, that a live Migou can physically squeeze into it and control it from within.

The actual degree of camouflage offered is limited and so the Migou continue to use assimilated blanks as their main means of espionage and infiltration. However, on the battlefield the initial deception is still considered useful, especially as it doubles as a tool for psychological warfare and the Huldra also acts as bio-mechanical protective gear.

The living husk of a Huldra does not provide armor to a Migou as more conventional – even bio-mechanical – bodyarmor would. Neither does it function as a full suit of power armor. Instead, a Migou inside a Huldra gains a +4 increase to its vitality, as long as the Huldra is worn. At each wound level, damage is first deducted from the Huldra’s vitality before affecting the Migou wearer’s own natural vitality.

If recognized, a Huldra also increases a Migou’s fear factor by +1 (for a total of 13).

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