Sacred Geometry

Göttliche Tetraeder
It was not by chance that we used a tetrahedron as the illustration for our series on the minor circle deities of Freeya.

Its four corners – or by the reckoning of some circle sages its four sides – represent the four elements.

Its four edges, each connecting two of the elements, stand for the six deities of the first circle, each of whom sprung from the union of two of the elements.

Tetrahedrons and tetrahedron projections are thus a central motif in arts and crafts of the circle cults and communities influenced by them. This influence can be found in everything from cult objects to those of everyday use, from architecture to personal jewellery to the shape of pastries or decorations in manuscripts. It manifestations are as varied as sacred oracles using tetrahedral dice or games using the same, trilateral pyramid buildings or similarly shaped chambers, or stones cut into tetrahedral shapes dangling on necklaces or mounted on rings – or on the holy brass knuckles of the clerics and devotees of Crüss.

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