Gifts for Operatives, a SLAmas Shopping Guide – Your Name on a Bullet

Your Name on a Bullet
This modification adds a miniature engraving laser to a firearm’s chamber as well as a dedicated control unit with a mini touchpad and a chippyport for connection to alternative input and output devices. Internal power is sufficient for 500 hours on a single charge. The laser can be used to engrave text (size and number of lines and characters depending on calibre and type of ammunition) on a chambered round up until the moment of firing, allowing the ultimate level of personalisation in gun violence and firearms delivered messaging. Pricing is depending on specific type and make of gun but generally runs in the 25-75c range. Fitting an existing firearm with the feature will take 72 hours from handing in the weapon to it being ready for pickup. Please note that some manufacturers may have specific rules in regard to after market customisation of their firearms.

Got a message for you personally.

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