Gifts for Operatives, a SLAmas Shopping Guide – NoOrd Project 312 “Honey”

NoOrd Project 312 “Honey”
The Honey is a dedicated high-precision emergency firearm, a backup for situations in which landing a single hit is the only option and where nothing can be allowed to throw of your aim even though the environment and circumstances prevent the use of common sniper arms or similar platforms – be it firing while engaged in a highspeed motorcycle chase through rush hour traffic in Uptown, be it while being gripped by an angry Thresher powersuit, or be it in the hard void of space without a flitter pack to help you maintain position. Despite using a full sized 12mm cartridge, the Honey has almost no recoil, lower recoil, in fact, as most lower calibre pistols, and unparalleled accuracy. Its precise engineering does not allow for further accessoires or modification, though, and all guarantees are waived in case of tampering. The Honey comes in a selection of bright primary colours, a trademark translucent yellow allowing some of the pistol’s inner workings being glimpsed in action, as well as matte black or jagged urban camouflage. It weighs 0.6 kg and costs 475c.

In case of emergency.

Game Use:
Size P Clip 1 Cal 12mm ROF 1 Rcl 1 Range 25m

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