Gifts for Operatives, a SLAmas Shopping Guide – MJL Power Crescent

MJL Power Crescent
This SLAmas, Multi-Job Lacerates debut their Power Crescent axe. Sized and hafted for a one-handed grip, the weapon’s blade clearly echoes the design of MJL’s classic Power Disc, with the instantly recognizable circle just cut in half but sharing the same construction and oscillation features. With the trigger and power pack included in the haft, at 6000 hours, the Power Crescent boasts three times its older sibling’s endurance. The 0.9 kg Power Crescent is set to start retailing for 90c.

Chopping them down like SLAmas trees.

Game Use:
Power Crescent Skill Blade, 1-H DAM 4 PEN 3 AD 3

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