Report Card 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, we ask which of our 2019 targets we actually met?

The first target ist to maintain our standard output categories in 2018:

  • house rules, background ideas, and other material for Blue Planet, D&D, SLA Industries, The Red Star, Unknown Armies, Warhammer 40.000 Roleplay and other games
  • reports and updates on our own homebrews, such as Beutelschneider or Unknown Mobile Suit

All done.

The second target is to maintain the following regular formats and contributions:

  • one Ideas Overflow listing/describing ideas that came up in a given month but did not translate into their own article (yet) as the last article each month
  • one list of ten things on the tenth of each month
  • one German archive carnival checking-up on our older articles for each German RPG-bloggers’ carnival
  • at least one more article for each German RPG-blogger’s carnival
  • five thematic article series with one article per day for one month, at least one of them in August as a counterpoint to our old nemesis, RPG-a-Day
  • an entry for the SLA Industries Equipment Log every tenth artcile
  • a fey slave every tenth article
  • a piece of equipment every tenth article

Overflow, Ten Things, Equipment Log, fey slaves, and equipment (all Warhammer 40,000) we realised as planned.

We also published five thematic series, although the counterpoint to RPG-a-Day turned more into a wary coexistence of sorts, this year.

The German carnival got both archives and articles as planned for the first nine months of the year. In October and November, we published corresponding archives and articles but without using the name or banner of the carnival any longer. In December, archive and article dealt with the end of the carnival.

The third target is to put in some work on at least one of the following SLA Industries projects:

  • the fanzine concept Progress
  • the Opera Program SLA Industries reimagining
  • the Skin Trade Empire sourcebook

We did some thinking but no writing.

The fourth target is:

  • a complete setting description for Beutelschneider

This did not happen.

The fifth target is:

  • the closing article for the German RPG-bloggers’ carnival of November 2016

With the end of the carnival, this did not happen either.

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