Praetorian Gun Brains – a new ship component for Rogue Trader

Praetorian Gun Brains (Supplemental Component)
Networked arrays of Praetorian battle servitors are hardwired into the most powerful of the starship’s weapons, turning the huge guns themselves into machine creatures mindlessly devoted to destroying the enemies of Mars.

Servitor Enhanced Targetting: Select one Weapon Component installed on the ship. Ballistic Skill test with this component receive a +5 bonus. This bonus increases to +10 for characters with the Mechanicus Implants trait or the Binary Chatter talent.

Mindless: The selected Weapon Component is not affected by negative modifiers to Ballistic Skill or Command tests caused by low Morale.

Appropriate Hull Types: All ships
Power: 1
Space: 1
SP: 2

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