Penitent Shells – a new type of ammunition for Deathwatch

Penitent Shells (Special Issue Ammunition)
For the Imperial servant, failure is perhaps the most heineous crimes imaginable. The only penance fit for those who commit it being death. The death of Imperial servants, though, need never be in vain. However negligent they might have been of their holy duties, whatever their own natures might be.

When a bolter shell fails to fire or its spirit otherwise shirks its duty by refusing to hit its mark or explode its core, its usual fate is to be taken apart and smelted down so that more faithful implements may be cast from its components.

The Deathwatch, though, has other means to deal with recalcitrant ammunition’s spirit. Recovered shells are individual weighted against the blood they failed to spill, and after judgement is passed, they are engraved with rites of penitence to be redeemed by fiery agony not in the flames of the forge but once more in the conflagration of battle.

So great is the shame burdening the spirits in these shells that come their second chance, they are bound to fly true and hit hard.

Effects: The firer may reroll any failed aimed attack with the weapon. When requisitioning this special ammunition one xenos race has to be named against which the bolts originally failed. Against targets of the same race, the weapon automatically triggers righteous fury on a damage die result of 10.
Used With: All bolt weapons.

Requistion: 28
Renown: Distinguished

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