Odysseus Pattern Astartes Greatbow – a new weapon for Deathwatch

Odysseus Pattern Astartes Greatbow (Exotic Weapon)
Near relics available only to some of the most ancient chapters, the Odysseus pattern of greatbows are marvels of unequalled craftmanship and lost material sciences and testaments to the Astartes’ own superhuman physique.

Constructed from layers of laminated adamantium, petrified wood and void kraken horn and strung with Astrates’ sinew, so great is the strength required to draw the Odysseus, that even the superhuman strength of an Astartes does not allow one to hold an arrow for more than the wink of an eye.

Once loosened, these two metre-long spears of pure adamantium slice straight through all but the most massive targets to skewer any foes cowering behind.

Name Class Range RoF Dmg Pen Clip Rld Special Wt Req Renown
Odysseus Greatbow Heavy SBx5 S/-/- 2d10+SB R SB * 3 Full Accurate, Devastating (*), Felling (*), Razor Sharp, Reliable, Special 18 75 Hero

An Odysseus pattern greatbow can only be used by those with Unnatural Strength.

The value of the greatbow’s Devastating and Felling qualities is equal to the wielder’s Unnatural Strength multiplier.

It needs to be (re)loaded directly before each shot. If no attack is made in the round after reloading is completed, the opportunity for an attack is lost and the loading procedure needs to be begun anew.

The Odysseus pattern greatbow cannot be fitted with suspensors.

Each arrow for the Odysseus has a weight of 2 and a Requisition value of 15.

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