Mutagenic Infusion – new equipment for Rogue Trader

Mutagenic Infusion (Implant System)
Navigator houses constantly tinker with their own gene-lines. Most of the time, this is focused on stabilizing their genetic tapestry. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, the gene-weavers of a house might be tasked with unleashing the raw potential of their masters’ heritage in one of the house’s scions – the potential for greatness … or for damnation.

Whenever a navigator who has received a mutagenic infusion would acquire a new mutation, do not roll on Table 7-1 Navigator Mutations but on Table 14-3 Mutations instead.
Poor craftsmanship mutagenic infusions have the navigator lose 1d5 points of Fellowship every time they acquire a new mutation in addition to the mutation’s other effects.
Good craftsmanship versions allow the roll on Table 14-3 for determining a mutation to be rerolled, the second result must be accepted.
A navigator with a best craftsmanship mutagenic infusion may roll twice on Table 14-3 when determining a mutation and has the choice to receive either one or even both of the mutations.

Availability: Unique

Instead of treating a mutagenic infusion as an implant, it can also be acquired as an elite advance only available to navigators. As an advance, it has the effects of a good quality mutagenic infusion given above, costs 1,000 XP and the naviagtor receives one randomly determined mutation from
table upon selecting the advance.

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