Machine-Slayer Bullets – a new type of unusual ammunition for Dark Heresy

Machine-Slayer Bullets

Named after the machine-slayers of Torrentia, a heretic techsect heavily prosecuted by the orthodox priesthood of Mars, these hollow projectiles are filled with alchemical concoctions meant to degrade and corrode the metals, plastics, circuits and bio-wafers used in the construction of servitors and augmentations. In addition, the outer surface of the projectiles are etched with nanoinscriptions of scrap code, binary curses, and ritually debased versions of the rites of deactivation.

Despite the best efforts of the Adeptus Mechanicus, time and time again batches of machine-slayer bullets find their way into the hands of various other parties interested in such devices, and it is suspected that the sect uses the bullets in trading for favours, supplies or funds.

Unusual Ammunition
Machine-Slayer Bullets
Effect: Against targets who possess at least one bionic or cybernetic implant or mechanicus implants, the bullets deal +1 damage. Against targets with the machine trait, the bullets deal and additional +2 damage per level of the trait.
Used with: Any solid projectile weapon.
Availability: Very rare.

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