Internal Dry Dock – a new ship component for Rogue Trader

Internal Dry Dock (Supplemental Component)
The defining feature of mobile docks and naval foundry vessels, these cavernous spaces are large enough to house entire frigates within, facilitating access and allowing major repairs and refits under favourable controlled conditions.

Cavern of Steel: This component allows other starships with a combined total space of up to 40 and combined total hull of 40 to be housed and transported within the ship. Ships carried within the internal dry dock can be worked on with any salvage systems (see Battlefleet Koronus, page 40) or spacedock piers (see Battlefleet Koronus, page 40) mounted on the host ship even when the host ship is moving. A ship with an internal dry dock may not mount any weapons in its port or starboard slots.

Appropriate Hull Types: Transport
Power: 4
Space: 48
SP: +1

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