Ice Fang – new equipment for SLA Industries

Ice Fang
A rare collaboration of a biogenetics producer with an Ebb application development team, the Ice Fang is a combination product consisting of a novel biogenetic anticoagulant haemotoxin and a delivery system that injects the cold resistant toxin into the substance of a Blue Thermal Ice Blade while the Ebb weapon is formulated by its user. The result is an Ice Blade that will release the toxin upon shattering, poisoning the victim of a penetrating hit.

The single use device comes pre-loaded with toxin and can be either wrist-mounted or hand-held for combat use. It weights 0.05 kg.

The Ice Fang is marketed by Kobara CW and is sold at a list price of 37c.

Game Effects:
An Ice Fang can be used whenever an Ebb user formulates an Ice Blade.

If the Ice Blade hits and shatters and causes at least 1 wound, then the target is poisoned and cannot regain wounds for 1 hour (this includes healing drugs, Ebb healing, and regeneration) or until the toxin is neutralised.

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