Heceme Pattern Las-Bolt – a new type of unusual ammunition for Only War

Heceme Pattern Las-Bolt

These bolt shells contain miniature one-shot las weapons that is fired through a bolter’s barrel, its burned-out husk then ejected with its casing, effectively turning a bolter or other bolt weapon into a rapid fire lasgun. Judged to be a frivolous use of the sacred and arcane arts of microminiaturization, the Fabricator-General of Heceme, the forge world of origin for the bolts, once again felt compelled to issue a declaration ex cathedra cybernetica against his ammunition smiths, branding the las-bolts a debasement of logic and tradition and an affront to the machine, terminating their production.

Unusual Ammunition
Heceme Pattern Las-Bolt
Effect: A bolt weapon loaded with las-bolts changes its Damage to 1d10+3 E, its Penetration to 0, and its Range to 100m. It replaces its qualities with the Reliable Quality.
Used with: Any bolt weapon.
Availability: Near unique.

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