Abenteuerskizze: Fritz Molter – a new skyship for The Red Star

Abenteuerskizze (adventure sketch) is a German community project. Someone chooses an image and presents it in a blog post. Anyone who wants to contribute uses that image as inspiration for their own blog post.

Fritz Molter

Domestically designed and built by the VIR, the URRS-aligned Eastern half of the Volksreich, the Fritz Molter was the VIR fleet’s largest and most modern combat skyship.

Vehicle Statistics

Name Crew Pass Cargo Init Maneuver Top Speed Defense Damage Reduction
Fritz Molter 120 60 300 tons -8 -8 160 (16) 2 30 (+6)
Name Hit Points Size Weight Hardpoints Purchase DC Restriction Weapons Extras
Fritz Molter 150 C 2,500 tons 50 (1) 52 Mil (+3) Markov truss cannon (1); katyushas, 500mm (2); katyushas, 1000mm (4); heavy DSHK deck gun (4); KGT Sickle drop missile (4); medium Shadow anti-aircraft missile (8); BHX Rykov Hook missile (8) Protocol-reinforced armor, protocol shielding systems, Crypsis systems

The image is under CC BY 3.0.
Attribution: Nelarsen

The Red Star and all related characters are ™ and © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission.
The Red Star Campaign Setting is © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

The Red Star und alle verwandten Charaktere sind ™ und © Christian Gossett. Verwendet mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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