10 things for the shadows – on the tenth

10 Dinge zum 10.
10 things for the shadows.

1. Shadowblade: The dark twin of the fireblade motorcycle serie. Everything in black, super fast and super silent, also available as electric motorcycle.

2. Shadowviper: A black airhypo filled with poison. It has two chambers, so it can be loaded with two different poisons/liquids.

3. Shadowdouble: A program for netrunner/hacker, which can protect them from attacks from black ICE. The running shadowdouble program slows the netrunner/hacker. A successful black ICE attack kills the shadowdouble program, so the netrunner/hacker can log off without any harms, if he wants to.

4. Shadowhydra: The advanced version of shadowdouble program, which creates for each killed shadowdouble an additional shadowdouble. Each shadowdouble slows the netrunner/hacker.

5. Shadowwing: The black, armored, silenced, and tuned AV 9 often used by black ops teams.

6. Shadowkiller Boots: These boots are smart boots. They can change their bottoms, so the wearer is silenced or could better climb with the boots.

7. Shadowqueen: The queen drone carries some worker drones. All worker drones are equipped with surveillance equipment and send their information to the queen.

8. Shadowkeys: An electronic lock pick for electronic locks. It saves up to 100 used key.

9. Shadowmaker: The service of Shadowmaker is to make a person a shadow, so nobody can find that person. He creates the person a new identity.

10. Shadowdevil: A legendary info broker, who wants dark secrets as payment for his info. A rumor says that Shadowdevil is an AI transfered into a cybernetic body.

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