Circle of Produce – a new druid circle for D&D

Circle of Produce
Circle of Produce

Nature’s bounty.

Bonus Cantrip
When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you learn your choice of mending or prestidigation as an additional cantrip. This is a druid cantrip for you.

Bountiful Shape
Starting at 2nd level, whenever you transform into a beast using your Wildshape ability, any animal products, such as eggs, milk, wool or dung, derived from your beast shape do not transform back or vanish when you revert to your normal form. This also allows you to use your Wildshape ability during downtime to perform the crafting activity without paying for raw materials, as long as you are crafting animal products only. The worth of products crafted per day in this fashion may not exceed double the maximum CR of your beast shape in gold pieces. You do not require any special proficiency for this crafting.

Circle Spells

Druid Level Circle Spells
3rd Enlarge/reduce, lesser restoration
5th Create foor and water, plant growth
7th Blight, faithful hound
9th Creation, greater restoration

Beginning at 6th level, you become proficient with the scythe (treat as glaive) and your attacks with sickles and scythes deal an extra 1d8 slahsing damage. You also have advantage on all attack rolls against plant creatures.

Wondrous Produce
Beginning at 10th level, when you use your Bountiful Shape ability to produce animal products in your beast shape, these are of a wondrous nature such as golden eggs or wool. When used during downtime, this increases the maximum worth of animal products crafted per day to five times the maximum CR of your beast shape in gold pieces, while also allowing you to maintain a wealthy lifestyle at no extra cost.

Wondrous Feast
When you reach 14th level, you may use your Wildshape ability to transform into a beast shape to be voluntarily consumed by your companions. This is identical to a Heroes’ Feast, other than it does not require a material component and that you yourself cannot benefit from the feast and you are considered unconscious while the feast is being consumed. After the feast has been consumed, you revert to your normal form from the leftovers without suffering any damage or other ill effects.

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