Editorial: Kick-Off in English

EditorialWelcome to yet another RPG Blog,

If you read this, we finally managed to get D6ideas.com out in the open and advertised it enough for you to hear about it. Now I’ll give you my spiel about how D6ideas makes everything better, more interesting, better, different, better and sexier (oh, and better!) than anyone else who ever put their RPG – stuff on the internet and why we are the best – or not? Well, if you are reading this, it also means you are currently part of our secondary target audience, you are a reader. Our primary target are actually people who like to write stuff, but let me explain:

When we came up with the idea for this a while back, in a forum long, long ago, we wanted to have a place where we could work (say “write RPG related stuff”) with others that share the same basic interests, give each other feedback, support, accountability to finish a project etc. We knew that there were projects out there for fans of specific games, places where people developed their new games and places where people that like to write prose go. But that’s not what it was supposed to be.

You all know the brief ideas for a short stub, an adversary, a location etc. that come up during online discussions. You also know that most of them never get any further than that. And this is where we come in, we want to provide a productive environment, where we can follow up on those ideas, see other people do the same with theirs, read each other’s drafts and critique them, provide input and feedback and encourage each other to finish stuff up. And once it’s finished, we also want to get it out there, provide a platform where it can be read and found by players interested in it (and read by YOU – exactly – YOU!).

This is a home for people who want to make stuff for RPGs, no matter if it is that one little class addon for your system that you always wanted to get out there, a whole new system you work on or something in between. This is a place to discuss, read others work and make things yourself. If you are interested, join the forums, take a look around and become a contributor if you like it. We currently have an active staff of about 10 people, Germans and Americans and we look forward to grow.

If you made it this far, let me tell you what you are going to see here in the future:

We will have an editorial every Sunday (German and English), dealing with recent topics relevant for gaming, D6ideas  etc. There we will also provide an outlook what articles we are going to publish in the coming weeks. For starters, we will publish new stuff on Mondays and Thursdays. The articles will be either German, English or both, for a lot of different game systems. Currently we have material for Dark Heresy, Unknown Armies, SLA Industries, Eclipse Phase, Earthdawn, D&D ,  Shadowrun, CthulhuTech  and  Warhammer Fantasy RPG in the pipeline, to name but a few systems, more are to follow.

This week, D6ideas will be kicked off by an English Dark Heresy™ article by Blut_und_Glas (J Daniel Weyer) about Arcanum Servitoris – Servitors in Dark Heresy on Monday, where Daniel will show some new and maybe more unusual roles for Servitors: As playable characters, as Chaos tainted antagonists and as a Weapon or adversary.

On Thursday this is followed by a German Shadowrun article by Nogger (Nico Hörndler), describing the Ambrosius BioTechnologie AG (ABTAG), a German Corporation as a new location for a run, complete some background, maps and security. The ABTAG will be featured again in a later article, providing the necessary information to use the location for a Multi-User run with multiple player groups (for a convention game for example).

Until next week, I hope you enjoy reading and take a look at the forums, next time you read from me will likely be from or shortly after GenCon


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