Dark Sun Dial – a treasure for Mutant Chronicles

Loot-a-Day, Day 24: Clocks & chronometers

Dark Sun Dial
This sun dial is made of lunar rock. After the exodus, it was discovered on the dark side of the moon.

The find was kept secret and the dial along with all documentation of the find and site were declared classified.

Why Mutant Chronicles?
We wanted a sun dial for today’s key word. Mutant Chronciles appeared like a natural fit to us.

And yes, we know that in reality the sun actually shines on the so called dark side of the moon.

Loot-a-Day is a month-long German blogging challenge by fellow German blogger Greifenklaue, who was inspired by ArtifactaDay which we ran last August as a counterpoint to RPGaDay in Germany. We followed up on this with two more marathons of daily content about artificial creatures and science-gone-too-far, respectively, and now Greifenklaue seeks to spread the format.

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