The Guilty Heart Revealed – a wish for Warhammer 40,000

28 enchantments and 3 wishes in thrice accursed, enchanted, bewitched January.

Today: “A nasty PSI curse from a universe of your choice” as the 1st wish (by Nerd-Gedanken, who also hosts the German January carnival)

The Guilty Heart Revealed
This terrible psychic gift is unique to witchhunter Gloriosa Anderfeld and to the knowledgable in the ranks of the most Holy Inquisition and amongst Anderfeld’s heretic prey has become the unmistakable mark of her enquiries and judgements.

Once used upon them, the victims of the Guilty Heart Revealed are wracked with ever stronger feelings of guilt for their own deeds and thoughts until they finally and invariably take their own life to end their inescapable mental anguish.

To Anderfeld, such deaths are but the last and incontrovertible proof of her investigations’ success.

The effect of the Guilty Heart Revealed is independent on what the target feels guilt over.

A person who never in their life experienced even the slightest tinge of doubt or remorse, hesitation or guilt would be immune against the Guilty Heart Revealed.

Warhammer 40.000 was the first and most obvious candidate for what was explicitly requested to be a PSI curse amongst our usual go-to settings (very briefly we also considered Dark Sun or CthulhuTech). After giving some thoughts to posssible Eldar curses (perhaps another day…), we went on to curses in combination with the Imperial judiciary, from there to the Inquisition, and that in turn opened up the connections – confessions, ordeals, absolution, innocence proves nothing (although it would, in a way, here…) – to this concept.

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