People’s Blade – an enchantment for D&D

28 enchantments and 3 wishes in thrice accursed, enchanted, bewitched January.

Today: A revolutionary weapon as the 24th enchantment

People’s Blade
This appears to be a simple farmer’s sickle, inexpertedly strengthened for use in battle. You must have a folk hero background to attune to this weapon. When you attack and hit a creature which commands or rules a stronghold, settlement, realm or similar with the sickle, it deals an additional 10d6 of radiant damage (20d6 in case of lawful evil rulers).

A bit of a throwback to last November’s revolutions and civil wars articles, this actually started out with the idea of a cursed weapon that would be predilected for commiting fratricide. That would obviously be a weapon of choice for to the evil sibling coveting the throne (whose story also might have made a good origin for the curse), who then in turn would find themselves killed and deposed by the same weapon and so on (for a short while I even entertained the idea of this being somehow institutionalised in some fantasy realm with succession being decided by the blade/ownership of the blade or having some sort of legal champion safeguarding the blade in a checks and balances kind of way with rulers kept on the straight and narrow by threat of having their rule… literally cut short). It was only a small final step then, to abandon these royal trappings and make it a straight up magical weapon for overthrowing tyrants by the people and their own champions, transforming from a sword into a sickle in the process.

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