Things to Do in Mort When You Are Dead – LAD house rules for SLA Industries

Logo RSP Karneval 250pxWhen writing Halloween articles, SLA Industries is still a game that should probably feature in any event. So we follow up our deadnoughts, a special incarnation of LAD resurrection, with a couple more houserules for LAD itself, still all in the spirit of the German “From the Grave” carnival.
LAD – Life After Death – does what it says on the tin – it brings the dead back to life. By employing advanced biogenetics, it can repair even the most traumatic damage.

Based on a growing body of experience, additional capabilities as well as limitations of the basic technology have been identified since its premiere. For example, both the theory that LAD could only ever be initiated on bodies that were hooked up to support equipment immediately (up to four minutes) after death, or that a mostly intact central nervous system was an essential prerequiste for success could be proven wrong.

Perhaps the greatest strides in understanding, however, were made in connection with multiple LAD resurrections. From an increasing sense of alienation from the own body and the concept of mortality, that was almost expected to set in, to a need of escalating Chain dosages, a host of material documenting the effects of such repeated death experiences is being assembled.

Changed Rules:
LAD is not subject to a four minutes time limit.

LAD can also be performed when there is less than one hit remaining in the head and/or torso.

As part of a LAD procedure, any number of additional biogenetic implants can be installed withour requiring additional healing times.

Advanced Rules:
After each LAD resurrection the number of required doses of Chain by day increases by one (i.e. one dose of Chain per day after the first LAD procedure, two doses per day after the second, three doses after the third and so on).

For each resurrection, which is not initiated within four minutes of death, a recipient of LAD gains one rank in a psychosis.

For each resurrection, which is not initiated within four minutes of death, a recipient of LAD gains five experience points.

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