Luxury conventions – a necromantic editorial

d6ideas dice2Marginally related to the ongoing ‘From the Grave’ theme, thread necromancy plays a certain role in this editorial because a months-old thread on the German Tanelorn forums provoked it.

That thread revolved around a simple question ‘Would you attend a convention expressly designed and marketed as a “luxury con”?’.

After attending an extremely well organized (non-rpg) event at a high class venue the weekend before last, I felt reminded of that thread, as well as my initial reaction to it: I would attend a luxury con.

I would sign up immediately for an rpg event that was similarly well organized, using a similarly luxurious setting. I might even consider spending a similar amount of money on it (the hotel alone would probably be worth it).

More matter-of-factly, such a project would probably fail economically. And organizing it as a non-profit service to the community seems utopic, considering the amount of money that would have to go into the venue alone (to say nothing of a really high-class professional organization and event staff).

Which means that we can put this idea back to rest – with a five star gala funeral feast on the firt evening, perhaps?

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