Wetsuit of the Drowned Templar – a pornomantic artifact for Unknown Armies

Wetsuit of the Drowned Templar

This sacred relic of the Sect of the Naked Goddess was worn by one of her male partners in her scene in Wet Mermaids 8. If the neoprene suit is used in a pornomantic charging ritual and the wearer recites the first line from the scene (“I’m under mighty pressure!”) thrice as the ritual commences, it will yield one additional charge of the appropriate type.

If more than one pornomancer is participating in the ritual, all of them have to mutually agree during the ritual who of them should get the extra charge.

If they cannot agree, the charge instead manifests as a blast hitting the suit’s wearer. This attack is automatically successful and the dice are only used to determine damage, which takes the form of decompression sickness and can be treated as such (partaking in the ritual while inside a decompression chamber can work wonders to reassure the pornomancer wearing the wetsuit).

There are rumours that other ritual phrases can also trigger special effects, including reciting the usual words backwards. If this works at all, than the specific effects are not documented.

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