The Chalice of Thought – an artifact for Rogue Trader

The Chalice of Thought

This appears to be but a simple unadorned cup. In its time, however, it has led more than one ship and crew to heights of power and success – before pulling them down into depths of darkness and despair. Where it comes from, how it gained its strange powers, or by what means it again and again finds it was back aboard a starship, noone alive can say.

When the Chalice of Thought is first brought aboard a ship, the crew will invariably start to use it as a common drinking vessel, as seems to be its purpose. This can only be prevented if the chalice is immediately detected and locked away – but every caution must be taken to prevent this from failing. Once the crew starts to use the chalice, Morale immediately is set to 100, as a sense of calm and harmony settles over the crew.

From now on, the crew excels at all of their assigned shipboard tasks and duties, even more so when a crisis is at hand or under other duress. If at first, this could be mistaken as drill and experience, events soon conspire to lend it far more sinister undertones. Crew not just work with superhuman precision and in perfect synchronicity, they effortlessly finish one another’s sentences when talking to superiors, understand each other even without uttering a word or making so much as a handsign, and can tell the current whereabouts and activities of any other comrade currently on board. Under the influence of the Chalice of Thought, their grail, the crew forms a telepathic gestalt consciousness, that grows ever closer and stronger with outside pressure.

All penalties normally resulting from reduced Morale are read as positive modifiers instead.

However, this does not affect the chance of a mutiny occuring or its course. If a mutiny does occur, the ringleader will always be a powerful psyker, a nexus of the telepathic powers of the gestalt mind awoken by the chalice.

If ever a demonic entity manages to gain access to the ship during warp transit, it may possess the entire crew, the untrained and unprotected telepathic tapestries being like a city with its gates unbarred and walls unmanned to any such malefic intruder.

If the Chalice of Thought leaves the ship, its effects end immediately. The crew suffers 1D10 Crew Population damage and loses 1D10 Morale as the crew go into withdrawal and madness swamps over them.

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