The Dreamship and Claudio – ships and captains for Shadowrun


The Dreamship
The Dreamship is a rundown small cruise ship and a coffin ship in more than one sense. On the one hand, every day at sea tempts fate due to the absolutely abyssmal condition of the vessel, on the other hand, the ship’s main attraction and the cynical reason behind its name is the continual BTL feeds provided to passengers in their dirty and garbage strewn cabins, while the crew attends to their purely physical needs, at least in a rudimentary fashion.

…and captains

A lean elf known only as Claudio is the captain of the Dreamship. Events he does not talk about carved deep lines and scars into his face, doing away with all pretenses of his metatypes alleged agelessness. Faded tattoos peaking out of his usual uniform strongly indicate that he spent at least some of those years as an active racist and believer in elven supremacy.

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