2by4 and Jennifer Lafontaine – ships and captains for Battletech


The 2by4 is a Leopard class dropship. Two of her mech cubicles have been replaced by additional fighter cubicles, so that her modified bays now carry a total of two mechs and four aerospace fighters.

…and captains

Jennifer Lafontaine
Jennifer Lafontaine is the heiress to both the captain’s license and command of the 2by4 from her mother’s side, as well as the majority share in the ship from her other mother’s side. This personal union allowed her to bring more continuity into the missions of the 2by4 and her crew, by forging a longterm cooperation with the mercenary group Kneecappers commanded by captain Craig “Straight” Patella. The positive effects on mission success rates and thus bonuses payable garnerd through the experience and routine built by this pairing so far also outweighs any monetary shortfalls to Jennifer Lafontaine herself and the minority owners by flying less total missions.

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