Scarecarrien – an artificial creature for SLA Industries


Long-standing carrien infestations are sometimes marked by setting up crude “scarecarriens” along the boundaries of the pack’s territory. To the superstitious Downtowners, such markers serve the dual purpose of warning away unwary people and to ward off the carriens, binding them to their known hunting grounds.

The carriens themselves have their own ideas about the mystic significance of these totems. Some carrien shamans know how to bring the crude stuffed bodies to life. The empty sockets of their dog’s skull heads starting to see, their long rotten away ears to hear and the skeletal noses smell. When noone is looking, they turn their heads back and forth, taking in the surroundings, and when there is anything out of the ordinary, they bark and howl, telling the pack of what they have learned.

Only Scarecarriens originally installed by humans as boundary markers can be animated in such a fashion and only if a dog’s skull (and not an actual carrien skull) was used in the construction.

Often enough, the carriens quite willingly stay within the territory their human prey so thoughtfully prepared for them. Lending credence to the belief, that the scarecarriens are effective wards against the fearsome creatures.

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