Type O Blood Clone – an artificial creature for SLA Industries

Logo_RSPKarneval_Oktober2015_PinkEditionType O Blood Clone

Mort is a violent environment where murder and massacres are everyday occurences. Still, the trail of exsanguinated corpses left by blood cults stands out even here, leading the hounds of SLA Industries straight to their quarry.

It was with this experience in mind, that a cell of surviving cultists approached Xi-Ranger, one of Orienta’s myriad backstreet biolabs, with a very specific request. Posing as a medical services start-up, they contracted Xi-Ranger for the design and production of humanoid clone bodies for use in self-replenishing bloodbanks. The half-life of the artificial creations in the absence of Deathwake-technology being of no concern in such an application.

SLA Industries caught up with the cultists before the scheme came to ultimate fruitition. Most of Xi-Ranger’s assests were bought-up by Kobara CW following the financial turmoil caused by the anticipated bloodbank deal evaporating. A warehouse full of half-living bloodbags remains sitting in Orienta.

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