(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Nurul Boulus – a pirate for Blue Planet

Day 11: Blue Planet

Nurul Boulus
Nurul started her career on Poseidon as an interceptor sub pilot for Atlas Materials. She went rogue following one of the incidents between Atlas and GenDiver security forces, unwilling to return to the low key cold war state that characterizes the Incorporates’ conflict for the most part. However, revenge does not pay any bills, especially not the positively huge bills associated with maintaining an illegal fighter sub stolen from a former employer during desertion.

Species: Human, modified
Origin: Urban
Backgrounds: Street, Incorporate
Goal: Revenge
Motivation: Honor
Attitude: Energetic
Role: Pirate
Primary Attributes: Build 0, Fitness 3, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Awareness 1, Intellect 0, Presence 0, Will 2
Derived Attributes: Endurance 3, Reflexes 0, Strength 1, Toughness 1
Modifications: Immunological Symbiote, Improved Blood Oxygenation, Multiglands, Neural Jack, Salt Tolerance
Aptitudes: Culture, Vehicles (Superior); Communication, Military Weapons, Subterfuge, Tech (Strong)
Primary Skills: Earth Culture 5, Gunnery 5, Language (Arabic) 5, Military Culture 5, Piloting 6, Street Culture 5, Unarmed Combat 5

At least this time I have an excuse for the gender – it was randomly generated. The profile is again based on v2 rules with Nurul being an Exceptional Character and having the Expert Military (Navy) and Specialist (Crime) professional packages.

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