(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Cindawo Ici – a pirate for Unknown Mobile Suit

Day 7: Unknown Mobile Suit

Cindawo Ici
The Cindawo Ici is a merchant raider launched by the Principality of Zeon in mid UC 0079. While no weapons were installed during the space freighter’s refit, she was equipped to handle a single mobile suit – more than enough to threaten and overpower other unarmed merchant vessels. Other than that, the conversion focussed on providing the ship added endurance by increasing stores and tankage. The mobile suit can be used to assist in making cosmetic changes to the vessel using materials carried for that purpose and enabling the Cindawo Ici to quickly adopt a new disguise following an attack.

Commerce raiding does not really feature in Gundam’s depiction of the One Year War. At the same time, some of the historical inspirations, the political situation in the earth sphere during the conflict (I am especially thinking of the multiple neutrals and the far flung outposts of both conflict parties here), plus the rapid development of outright pirate bands following the war have me thinking, that this is not an unlikely thing to have played a part during the war, especially following its opening stages.

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