Barar in Adrashbar – campaign concept notes for D&D/Freeya

Our choice of image for yesterday’s domain of Barar as part of our ongoing conversion of the Freeya deities to D&D 5 got me started thinking about a Freeya campaign set in Adrashbar, Freeya’s obligatory 1001 nights pseudo-Arabia/Egypt.

A campaign with bazaars overloading one’s senses, with refreshingly cool shade under ancient city walls, with white sails telling of far away lands, with black sand, with death hounds (desert gnolls) plundering caravans, but most of all with veiled death priestesses and blind plague dervishes, who put their own eyes out as to avoid the risk of staring in the face of Barar’s servants as they slaughter them for the glory of their lord Golog, while their whirling blades cause a mist of acid and poison to spray out around them.

I have to say – this re-construction of the Freeya deities turns out to be quite inspiring.

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