FENg 489 ‘Mountainmaster’

After the success of the FENg 603 auto pistol Orientan arms manufacturer FENg now proudly presents the FENg 489 sniper rifle. The Mountainmaster’s ceramic barrel and laminate casing make for […]

FENg 603

The FENg 603 is one of the most popular auto pistols ever produced. It has a full ceramic frame and barrel with gas operated double-action. It comes ready to accept […]

Conrad P-900

The P-900 is the newest series of handguns by renowned gunsmith Conrad of New Prussia. The P-900 family consists of five pistols each with the same basic design but chambered […]

Heroes Inc. G-Plate

Heroes Inc., an independent company based on the planet Venture, manufactures the G-Plate powered armour suits for use by its own security forces. G-Plate armour consists of a lightweight ballistic […]


No time to remove the armour but no way to deliver the KickStart either! It is a depressing fact that despite all our advances in protective technology, security and military […]


Push the button, pull the trigger, scream and shout, turn and twist your wrist… …or simply let the computer do all the work. EJect electronically triggered syringe systems can be […]


Tired of fumbling with air cylinders and loose drug ampoules? Afraid of contaminated needles and re-usable containers? SingleJect pre-loaded, disposable syringes make such troubles a thing of the past. Available […]

Surgical Gloves

Forget Helmets. Wear Gloves. The Surgical Glove is an advanced modular medical system. The light glove does not impede manual dexterity, while providing a host of internal systems and mounting […]


The Lancet by newcomer Fell is an ultra-light personal computer system. Its sleek elongated frame houses a modern colour-codex processing unit and mounting space for a single data-slug as well […]


Living fabrics have long since found their way into every imaginable aspect of fashion. But the HearTie takes this trend to a whole new level. Not only is the weave […]