Arejana Sevenwater versus Simil – a rivalry for D&D

Rival-a-Day, Day 9

Arejana Sevenwater
Arejana Sevenwater (chaotic good female half-elf fighter 10) is a former temple guard of her namesake godess. Since the church was prohibited and driven underground by the Elysian occupators, Arejana has turned to resistance and recruited a band of like minded people. Many of her former superiors in the temple hierarchy take a dim view of her chosen path, fearing that Arejana will just make matters worse for everyone by her acts of resistance.

Simil (neutral good male half-orc rogue 10) is one of the Elysians half-orcish “hounds” and an experienced veteran of their slave soldier auxiliaries. In a remarkable signs of trust – and a far less remarkabe one of disinterest -, his masters have granted Simil responsibility of a troop of other hounds and of taking care of the local resistance movement. Simil is all too aware of what it would mean for his half-orc kin and for the simple members of the local population should his masters grow angry or impatient and decide to take matters into their own hands, and so he does everything in his power to bring the resistance to an end as quickly and thoroughly as possible by his own means.

Originally, I planned on simply having two rival rebel leaders, whose personal arguments prevent an effective united opposition from forming. But then came the idea of making it into cops and robbers instead complete with interior conflicts within both parties.

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