Ad-Blog plus: Looking for the knight of the blue cliff. – a classified ad for Freeya/D&D

Ad-Blog plus, Day 11:

Looking for the knight of the blue cliff. Whomever has a tale to tell about him will be rewarded.

I imagine this as a straightforward warrior rivalry thing. The author of the “ad” wants to find the knight to challenge him to single combat or some other type of contest (maybe even on a joint adventure?). However, this will also mean that the guardian of the blue cliff will be distracted for a time, if not away or even dead…

This again started out as a more generic idea but then it transformed into a more concrete Freeyitic vision.

Creating an in-game-classified ad every day for 31 days:
More explanation
Better explanation (and logos!) (in German)

Heroines and heroes of the day:
Dnalor (in German)


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