Ad-Blog plus, the last preliminary weekly summary – week 4 of the RPG-a-Day-Alternative-a-Day 2018

Status at the end of the third week of Ad-Blog plus, this year’s alternate August activity (explanations here and here, as well as here in German but including logos):

3 blogs over 7 days published 10 articles containing a total of 20 classified ads.

All links for week 4, in order of publication:

  1. Ad-Blog plus: Old sword. – a classified ad for Freeya (d6ideas)
  2. Ad-Blog plus: Looking for job? – a classified ad for Blue Planet (d6ideas)
  3. Ad-Blog plus: Bulletin Board VI (Talasu) – in German
  4. Ad-Blog plus: 18 kg protocol components. – a classified ad for The Red Star (d6ideas)
  5. Ad-Blog plus: Got a sure lead on a major Hunter Sheet – a classified ad for SLA Industries (d6ideas)
  6. Ad-Blog plus: Armed warriors to defend village in northern Nilanir. – a classified ad for Freeya/D&D (d6ideas)
  7. Ad-Blog plus: Bulletin Board VII (Talasu) – in German
  8. Ad-Blog plus: Everything must go! – a classified ad for SLA Industries (d6ideas)
  9. #RPGaDAY 2018 und #MeinWegimRPG (Blechpirat) – in German
  10. Ad-Blog plus: Signing on crew for 3-year drakonium cruise: – a classified ad for Waste World (d6ideas)


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