Dura Smile

Hiding your feelings was never so easy. There comes a time for a syringe full of all easy smiles and happy grins. The companion soft drug to Dura Frown, Dura […]

Dura Frown

Hiding your feelings was never so easy. Projecting grimmest determination during corporate meetings and sheer menace on the streets is only a single injection away. Dura Frown is a new […]

Wet Solutions Dry

Stay Dry with Wet Solutions! Dry lotion is a revolutionary new body care product. Not only does it alleviate the abuse rendered on the skin by the harsh climatic conditions […]

Orienta Red

The medical drug Orienta Red is a product of Karma’s biogenetic think tanks located in Orienta. It is a powerful depressant used in the psychiatric field for the treatment of […]


Dot is an ultra potent broad spectrum combined antibiotic and antitoxin. The medical drug is meant as a first emergency treatment for operatives in the field, arresting the pathological processes […]

Alpha Motors S

Designed by the same team as the Segment series the S was constructed after evaluating comments from the Department of Exploration, one of the main costumers of the Segment transports. […]

Alpha Motors Segment L

Alpha Motors third Segment series vehicle, the Segment L, is the smallest and lightest of the vehicles in the class. Consisting of only five sections – a cab at the […]

Alpha Motors Segment T

The Segment T is the second in a series of unconventional transport vehicles built by SLA Industries’ Alpha Motors subsidiary. Like the name suggests the vehicles of the Segment series […]

Calaharvey Rainmaker

Like their classic Urbaniser Calaharvey’s Rainmaker too is a heavy duty motorcycle. More uncompromising than the standard reconnaissance model the Rainmaker sacrifices some of the Urbaniser’s speed for greater stamina, […]

Toyokawa Bloodhawk II

Like its predecessor the Bloodhawk II is a no-nonsense racing bike, built by the engineers at Toyokawa for exactly one thing: Speed. The slick exterior of the bike houses a […]