Froth Testgun

The Froth is a compact diagnostic instrument for drawing and analysing blood samples for drugs and drug markers.

The Froth mounts a micro vacuum chamber and short quick-change cannule along with a fold-out display on top of its pistol grip. The analysator and single chippy-port are contained within the grip.

The test chamber may be voided after use or can be replaced and the sample preserved. Up to three used chambers/vials can be stored within the Froth itself.

The Froth runs all its functions on a 2000 hour internal energy supply.

A Froth testgun weights 0.3 kg.

A new Froth testgun comes complete with five cannules and two vials for a price of 11c. Replacement cannules and vials are available in packs of ten for 1c per pack.

Game Use:

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