A TABLE is a one-shot suppression weapon using a disposable compressed air launch tube to deliver a canister of liquid explosives set to air burst over the target area.

The canister’s light construction produces very little shrapnel but the spray of liquid explosives covers an exceptionally large area.

With a special magnetic adaptor a TABLE can be mounted under slung on a rifle sized weapon.

A complete TABLE weights 1.2 kg.

A TABLE costs 25c and a reusable magnetic adaptor 2c.

Game Use:

TABLE Clip 1 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil 2 Range 20m

TABLE Blast Rating 8 PEN -2

A TABLE has double the normal blast radius of a standard grenade. Its epicentre lies in midair and so damage is normally not multiplied for a target in the centre of the blast.

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