Murder Pellet

The Murder Pellet is a devious little assassination and suicide device. The small hard sphere, barely more than two millimetres in diameter, is composed of a memory plastic compound that reacts to enzymes in saliva. Once inserted into the mouth it increases in size by orders of magnitudes, absorbing water and swelling until it completely fills the oral cavity and pharynx, blocking the upper airways and often breaking the jaws in the process.

The whole transformation takes just seconds, leaving practically no time to get rid of the murderous little thing before it is too late. The only way to prevent asphyxiation afterwards is an immediate tracheotomy, as it is neigh impossible to remove the Murder Pellet once it has grown and lodged in place.

Murder Pellets are taste- and odourless. They are of a milky off-white colour but can easily be treated with common food colouring.

A Murder Pellet costs 35c.

Game Use:

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