Komet Assault Cannon

Conrad leaves their familiar field of handguns with the Komet, a heavy assault weapon chambered for the full sized 17mm ammunition commonly used in sniper cannons.

The recoil operated Komet’s short ceramic barrel rests fully within the reinforced composite superstructure of the weapon. Its detachable box magazine loads 10 rounds.

Some strong individuals can fire the Komet unassisted but otherwise a waldo unit or additional recoil compensation are recommended to make the cannon controllable. Besides recoil dampers a full suite of sights, targeting lasers, and barrel mounted accessoires can be mounted.

The Komet weighs 14 kg.

Conrad’s Komet Assault Cannon is available for 2350c.

Game Use:

Komet Clip 10 Calibre 17mm ROF 1 Recoil 12 Range 180m

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