The Lothar light labour drone is a fully anthropomorphic Tek Trex design, usable for a variety of menial tasks in construction and other labour projects.

The squat drone reaches barely 1.2 m in height, with a barrel shaped torso and thick arms and legs. The Lothar boasts exceptional strength for its size, and its extended power pack keeps it in operation for up to 10000 hours at a time.

Lothars can be remotely controlled or pre-programmed with basic work routines. A special brawler option upgrades the drone with melee programs, utilising its massive fists.

A Lothar costs 30000u. The brawler upgrade costs 5000u.

Game Use:


Walk .5m Run 1m Sprint 2m

PV 4 ID 35

Skills –

The brawler upgrade adds Unarmed Combat rank 3 to the Lothar’s skills.

The fists of a brawler Lothar do DAM 5 PEN 0 AD 2 (DAM includes bonus for STR).

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