Hector Assault Vehicle

The Hector A is a light six-wheeled armoured personnel carrier.

The crew of two consists of a driver and a commander/gunner and is seated in the front of the vehicle. The separate passenger compartment in the rear provides space for up to five fully equipped personnel of any race.

An automated ball-turret is placed high in the middle of the Hector’s markedly sloped frontal glacis.

Access to the crew stations is via two top hatches, the passenger compartment has both a rear and a top hatch.

A reactor with 20000 hours of user life powers the Hector.

Intended mainly as an infantry assault vehicle in urban areas, the Hector A is deployed with various militia and paramilitary formations but also makes an interesting choice for SLA operatives and other security forces.

A new Hector A costs 95000c.

Game Use:

Type APC Max Speed 205 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 24/580 Max Crew/Passengers 2/5

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