Brick Hovertank

The Brick is a heavily armed and armoured hover combat vehicle.

It does not mount a turret, its blocky body and steep sides lending it its name.

The Brick is mainly deployed in armoured vanguard formations of Nitro Legion landings, where due to its compact shape more units can be brought in with the first waves as of other vehicle types with similar capabilities.

A single central turbine provides lift and main propulsion with twelve corrective engines for stabilisation and manoeuvring. A rear mounted plasma jet can be used to increase speed, but this is engaged only sparely, as it quickly depletes reactor life.

In absence of a turret all weapons on the Brick are carried internally. The main armament is a large-bore cannon in the centreline, accompanied by a smaller secondary cannon offset to the left and a heavy machinegun for defence against infantry. On the right of the main gun an armoured panel slides up to reveal a firing rack for five antitank guided missiles.

The Brick is manufactured exclusively for the Nitro Legions. Unit cost on the fully equipped hovertanks is classified along with deployment numbers.

Game Use:

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