The Triray is a personal high-energy weapon. It consists of three separate emitters bundled together. A variable focussing mechanism adjusts the component weapons to all strike in the same spot, lending the Triray a penetration profile superior to other energy weapons.

An easily changed power clip is mounted in the hollow stock of the weapon. It comes with an electronic IR-capable scope as part of its focussing mechanism, which also includes a chippy port for hooking the Triray up to additional targeting gear. No provisions for other add-ons are made.

A Triray weighs 11 kg.

The weapon is sold for 1800c. Power clips cost 40c.

Game Use:

Triray Clip 4 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil – Range 20m

Triray power clip PEN 12 DAM 9 AD 3

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