Armour Selfdestruct

In many low intensity conflict zones a main concern of the security apparatus is the capture of advanced combat equipment by opposing forces. Self destruct systems for powered armour, such as the Sigma Seven by GA, are one way to counter this threat.

On a preset signal, such as remote control, voice command, cessation of life signals detected by medical monitoring equipment, or a dead man’s trigger, the system will overload and burn out armour control systems, power generation and distribution, and main motive components, leaving the suit useless beyond the basic structure and external plating.

The Sigma Seven draws energy from the armour and is networked into all integral systems. It is also provided with its own separate chippyport for splicing in an additional trigger system not integral to the suit.

Sigma Seven armour self destruct systems can be retrofitted to most standard SLA Industries power armours at a price of 60c.

Game Use:

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