Divine Spark Memory System

The Divine Spark is a product of cutting edge Shaktar technology. The device is surgically inserted into the brain, where it begins to slowly integrate itself with the host’s nervous system. Once fully in place it monitors neural signals and maps synaptic architecture, extracting memories and encoding the information in a slowly growing bio-crystalline matrix at its centre.

The true power of the system only comes to light when this crystalline growth, the Divine Spark Memory Crystal, is removed, a procedure that would kill the host, and which is thus only employed post mortem. As the crystal does not degrade it can even be harvested after complete decomposition of the surrounding tissues, years after the host’s demise. The extracted crystal can then be implanted in a new host, using the same procedure as previously, where neural integration allows the access to the memories encoded within.

Users of the Divine Spark usually select the inheritors of their Memory Crystals in advance, often at the time of original implantation. Ownership transfers to the host’s family or clan if no such precautions are in place at the time of harvest.

A Divine Spark Memory System costs 7000c. Memory Crystals are not available on the open market.

Game Use:

Game Use: Shaktar: The implant records three ranks worth of KNOW-based skills every year. Ranks will be distributed equally among all eligible skills.

The recipient of the recordings immediately gains all recorded skill ranks. If he already has a skill in question the ranks do not stack, use the higher of either the original or the recorded rank.

Recovery Time: 1 day. During recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This allows the implants time to heal.

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