Nuke Tendon Wings

In a simple and yet extremely ambitious design Nuke Tendon has integrated additional limb structural modification techniques with advanced musculature implants to create a set of fully functional biogenetic wings for humanoids.

Though the main use of the wings lies in glides from a running or leaping start, they enable even short bursts of powered flight.

Without major redesign of the whole body the duration of these flights is limited though by the relation of body mass to wing strength and wing span, with practical considerations placing an upper limit on the latter.

Nuke Tendon Wings cost 4950c.

Game Use:

Game Use: Flight at basic sprint rate for a number of phases equal to PHYS, once every 10 rounds.

Recovery Time: 4 days. During recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This allows the implants time to heal.

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